Fraxel Restore Dual offer at Laser Technique Medical Spa in Webster Texas. Many of our clients travel from all areas of Houston to get our Fraxel®, Treatment - My Laser Technique Medical Spa

Fraxel Restore Dual offer at Laser Technique Medical Spa in Webster Texas. Many of our clients travel from all areas of Houston to get our Fraxel®, Treatment - My Laser Technique Medical Spa

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Fraxel Re:store Dual
Fraxel is a non-invasive laser therapy providing a wide array of treatment options to address many forms of aging, customized to each patient's needs and concerns, many requiring minimal recovery time. It's the perfect solution for people who want their skin to look younger, but don't want to look plastic or fake and can't afford a lot of time away from work or their social life

Fraxel is effective on:
Fine lines and wrinkles - like crow's feet and brow lines
Surface scarring - erasing effects of acne and other scarring
Pigmentation - minimizing the appearance of age spots
Sun damage - helping heal dangerous skin damage
Actinic Keratosis (AK) - a common pre-cancerous skin condition

Fraxel is an advanced technology - but how it works shouldn't be a mystery. Here are some details on the treatment and the science behind it. Remember, every patient's circumstances are different, so for specifics, it's best to talk to your Fraxel provider one-on-one.


Fraxel treatments usually last between 15-45mins

"Smart scanning" hand piece ensures consistency and safety

Fractional lasers penetrate top skin layers

Fraxel light energy stimulates collagen, and resurfaces the top skin layer

Your skin's natural rejuvenation process smoothes wrinkles and scars by stimulating collagen

Treatment regimen: most patients see the best results with 1-5 Fraxel treatments

Results:Fraxel works with your body's natural skin cells, so results typically take 1-3 weeks to take effect.

Comfort Most Fraxel patients report the sensation of a "light sunburn" immediately after treatment, but treatment plans can vary, so ask your physician about the specifics of your treatment.

Fraxel is the original fractional laser treatment that works below the skin's surface from the top down, addressing imperfections like fine lines, visible photo aging, wrinkles, scarring and age spots. Fraxel light energy stimulates your skin's natural collagen, rejuvenating skin cells below the surface to help smooth the creases and pockets that cause wrinkles and scars. Fraxel only treats targeted problem areas - so the results are focused and effective.


How Popular Is Fraxel Dual
Hundreds Of Thousands Of Patients, One Proven Technology.
In the decade since Fraxel first pioneered true fractional laser technology, practitioner around the world have treated more than 800,000 patients. That's nearly a million treatments for women and men of all ethnicities, each with their own reasons for wanting to look and feel younger.

How Fraxel Fits
Fraxel is for people who want to look good - and want real results - but don't want the overly change or extended downtimes that comes with surgery.  Fraxel fits into any lifestyle and your current beauty regimen:

Non-invasive, clinically proven to be safe, easily managed into your routine. 
Real change you just can't get from lotions and creams. 
Simple, effective treatment that really reverses the signs of aging. 

As you age, your skin's collagen and elastin simply break down faster than your body can rebuild them. The slowed remodeling of these skin-tightening proteins causes your skin to thin, droop and lose elasticity-which often leads to winkles, furrows and fine lines.

If you have wrinkles on your face or around your eyes, you've probably had a wonderful life, rich with laughter and emotional experiences. After all, expressions like smiling, laughing, pondering and squinting naturally involve the contraction of muscles-which can lead to wrinkles, furrows and fine lines.

Age / Sunspots
Age spots are due more to sunning than aging. These spots-also called sunspots, brown spots or liver spots-are flat, uneven dark patches on the face, neck, chest, hands and arms and other areas that are regularly exposed to the sun. Though usually harmless, these blotchy brownish patches can make you look and feel older than you really are.

In the sun, your body reacts by producing a pigment called melanin to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, your skin may overreact by producing too much melanin. That increased pigmentation can result in age spots, which fall into a broad medical category called "pigmented lesions."

Melasma-which is most common in women and affects about 45 million people worldwide-appears as irregular patches of brown skin on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip and nose. Like most other pigmented lesions, Melasma is not dangerous, but it can be a self-confidence crusher, prompting many women to hide behind a mask of make-up.

Melasma is most common during hormonal fluctuations associated with pregnancy, oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy. So instead of celebrating the beauty of motherhood, women with Melasma must wear what's often called "the mask of pregnancy.

Acne / Surgical Scars
Scars are depressions or indentations in the skin that occur after a medical condition such as acne or after a surgical incision. Especially when they're on the face or other visible areas, scars can carry the stigma of adolescent acne long after the acne is gone, or they can serve as unpleasant reminders of a past surgery.

Acne scars can occur as the skin heals from pimples, whiteheads and blackheads that form when oil, bacteria and dead cells get stuck below the skin's surface. Acne scars are typically indented marks or raised, red areas that sometimes give the skin a wavy appearance. Surgical scars, meanwhile, form naturally as skin heals from an incision.

Skin Resurfacing
Over the years, your skin is exposed to sun, air pollution, stress, fatigue and lifestyle factors such as smoking. It all can affect your skin's texture, color and tightness.

To resurface your skin and correct imperfections, there are many options from chemical peels to dermabrasion. But unlike other remedies that scrape, peel and cut the surface of your skin, Fraxel laser treatment has been cleared by the FDA to safely, gently and effectively resurface your skin from the inside out. That means improved texture, more even tone and smoother skin-all with minimal risks, and without discomfort and prolonged downtime of other procedures.

Before & After-Face
(wrinkles, acne scars, melesma, age/sun spots)

Before & After-Body
(skin resurfacing, age/sun spots, skin tightening, & stretch marks)

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